Google New Ranking Factor

Website Speed - Google's New Ranking Factor. Check if Your Site
is Fast Enough.

Site speed is about to become a new ranking factor on Google.
Faster sites will be pushed up, slower ones will go below the
fold. Test your website loading time and see if you need to speed
it up for the new Google algo.

Unlimited Bandwidth? Can Bandwidth Ever be Unlimited?

This article acts as a beginner's guide to web hosting. It
attempts to answer questions surrounding the issue of bandwidth
in the hosting industry. It answers the question on whether
bandwidth can ever be unlimited as claimed by most web hosting
companies or whether it was just a way of attracting new
customers. It is a must read for anyone who wishes to host a
site, a large site with heavy traffic in particular.

Be #1 on MSN Bing by Christmas. Really!

MSN Bing is probably the most profitable search engine you can be
found on. Unlike Google, it attracts many more adults
than kids just playing around. And very unlike Google, you
can get to number one on MSN Bing using the simple method
revealed in this article.

Website Metrics

It is important to have insight into visitor activity to a
Website. The value of Website metrics in Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO) cannot be overstated. Website optimisation
should not be based upon guesswork alone - implementing all the
SEO tips you can find can only go so far. Without the facts and
figures, you will be working blind.

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