Install Wordpress VirtualHost in Cherokee Web Server

I assume you already have cherokee web server up and running.
If you still have a problem when installing cherokee webserver please kindly to take a look this URL below for a complete installation :

Install Cherokee Web Server

Drupal 6 Top 25 Modules

There are so many drupal modules there.
But you just need to installed few modules to help you manage your drupal site.

I personally recommended to use drupal 6 modules below :

Upgrade Drupal CMS 5.12 to Drupal CMS 6.12

Few months ago, i have a problem when i trying to migrate my drupal from old version 5.12 to drupal latest version.
When i migrate from update.php all my website contents was broken which is bad for me since there will be a lot of things to fixed :(

So after reading so many drupal tutorials, i decide to upgrade it again with my own way
below is the tutorial how to upgrade drupal cms from version 5.x to drupal version 6.x

First, you need to backup all your drupal files and drupal db.
Here is my drupal site path /home/sentono/public_html

Integrate FCKeditor 2.6.4 extensions with Mediawiki 1.14.0

I've integrated FCKeditor 2.6.4 with my new mediawiki 1.14.0
Actually this is very simple to integrate the FCKeditor extension with mediawiki but i can't find any tutorial that describe more detail about how to integrated this clearly.

I assume you already have mediawiki installed on the server and running.

Download FCKeditor extensions for Mediawiki Latest Version

Login into your server

[code]#cd /home/mediawiki/public_html

How To Upgrade Mediawiki to Latest Version 1.14.0

This is the fastest way to upgrade/update Mediawiki old version to the Latest Version 1.14.0

I've mediawiki installed on the server with 1.6.x version so i just want to upgrade it to the latest version.

First We need to backup mediawiki files and DB.
You need to change the server path to your server own path.
Login into the server.

Backup mediawiki web files

[code]#cd /home/mediawiki/
#tar -cf mediawiki.tar public_html
#cp mediawiki.tar /root[/code]

Backup mediawiki MySQL DB

[code]#cd /root

Wordpress Fatal error

Wordpress Fatal error Cannot unset string offsets in widgets wordpress

I just install wordpress on my server.
and when i try to access it from my browser
it shows error like below ;

Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in /home/test/www/wordpress/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 362

After searching more deeper and googling.
I found that we need to turn off magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_runtime.

Find your php.ini and set those line like below :

How To Install Wordpress MU

Today i found a strange problem when i install wordpress MU.
When i try to searching more deeper i found something usefull here.

Here is a fastest steps to install wordpress MU.
I assume you already have mysql db,user and password.
example ;

db : wpmu
user : wpmu
pass : wpmupass

1. We don't need to edit wp-config.php in our wordpress dir.
It will automatically create when we have finished install wordpress MU

2. delete .htaccess or move .htaccess to .htaccess-bak

How to migrate your wordpress blog from to your own hosting

Some tutorials out there explain you to move your wordpress from your old hosting to your new hosting,
which has FTP enabled or direct file access to your old hosting.
How about if you don't have access to FTP likes
That's a new question for me when my friend asked me to move his blog from
And this tutorial will explain it to you how I moved his blog to the new hosting.

1. HTTrack (freeware) or Teleport Pro (payware)

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