Install Configure FTP Server With SSL Using FileZilla Server and FTP Client Using CuteFTP (part 1)

Now I want show you how to install and configure FileZilla Server in Windows server.


Download FileZilla Server


Installing FileZilla Server

  1. Run FileZilla_Server-0_9_23.exe
  2. In License Agreement click I Agree button.

  3. Choose components you wish to install. Then click Next > button.

  4. Choose install location. Next >.

  5. Startup settings. Next >.

  6. Install.

  7. After installation complete, Close.

Configuring FileZilla Server

  1. You must configure like the picture below.
  2. Connect to server Check on Always connect to this server. OK.

  3. If you see like below, it mean success to connect to server.

  4. In menu bar, click Edit > Setting.

  5. In General Settings, types port number on Listen on this ports. I types 2121.

  6. In custom welcome message, types message you want.

  7. IP bindings.

  8. IP Filter.

  9. In Passive mode settings, use the following IP, types (change with your own server IP). In custom port range types 50000 - 51000.

  10. Security settings.

  11. Miscellaneous.

  12. Admin Interface settings.

  13. Logging.

  14. Gss Settings.

  15. Speed Limits.

  16. Filetransfer compression

  17. SSL/TLS settings, check on Enable SSl/TLS support, Allow explicit SSL/TLS on normal connections, and Force explicit SSL/TLS. On Listen for SSL/TLS-only connections on the following ports: 990.

    Now we need to create a certificate. Click on Generate new certificate button.

  18. Fill your own information. Then Click Browse button to save key and certificate file.

  19. Save your certificate with extention .crt

  20. Click on Generate certificate button.

  21. Click OK after successfullly.

  22. You will see like this below.

  23. In Autoban setting like below. Then click OK button.

  24. OK.

  25. Click on OK button again.

Create User

  1. In menu bar, click Edit > Users.

  2. In General setting, Click Add button for add new users.

  3. Types name of new user account.

  4. Types password for new user account.

  5. In Shared folders setting, click Add button.

  6. Choose which folder do you want to share. Then click OK button.

  7. OK.

Setting FTP server with FileZilla Server done. DON'T FORGET to open port 990 and 50000-51000 in firewall.
I'll show you how to setting for FTP Client with CuteFTP in next chapter (part 2).

Thank you.

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