How to Install & Configure Openfire XMPP/Jabber Messenger Server Windows

Openfire (formerly Wildfire) is a real time collaboration (RTC) server dual-licensed under the Open Source GPL and commercially. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber). Openfire is incredibly easy to setup and administer, but offers rock-solid security and performance.

First We need to login as administrator into windows server and download Openfire:

You also need to download IM client. example : Miranda IM

Execute openfire_3_4_1.exe by clicking it.

You need to select your language. ex : English

Click OK button to Setup Wizard page

Click Next to continue

Click I Accept the agreement and click Next button to continue

Click Next to continue

Click Next to Continue the installation process.

Wait for a while until the installation process completed.

Click Finish button, It will automatically launch Openfire Console

Click Launch Admin to access the admin page to continue Setup Progress

Click Continue button

You need to input your domain, ex :
Admin Console Port : 9090
Secure Admin Console Port : 9091

We can choose Embedded Database so we don't need to use external database such as mysql,mssql etc.

Click Continue button.

You need to input your Admin email address and admin password.
Click Continue to Finish

Click Login to the admin console button




Input your Admin user and password, Click Login button to continue

In this admin page, we can setup a user account, configure openfire jabber server and install plugin, create conference room etc.

This is a sample list users/groups page. In this page you can create/delete/modify your user account.

Test it out. Install Miranda IM.
Execute Miranda IM and click in Options.
Choose Jabber and configure the jabber server. ex :
and input your jabber username and password

Connected into jabber server via miranda IM

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