Dump DNS Zones Using nslookup on Windows

  1. First, make sure zone transfer of domain (example yourdomain.com) that we will dump the DNS zones is activated so we can access from our machine.
  2. In our machine, run cmd
    [code]Start >> Run >> types cmd >> OK[/code]
  3. After cmd run, types like below
  4. Now we must connect to server (NS) of yourdomain.com, example the name server is ns.yourdomain.com with IP address is Types like below
    [code]server ns.yourdomain.com[/code]
  5. After connected, we will dump all record DNS from yourdomain.com, and save into one file called example dns.yourdomain.com. Types like below
    [code]ls -d yourdomain.com > dns.yourdomain.com[/code]
  6. If you got message Received 20 record, it means success to dump all DNS record from yourdomian.com. 20 it means yourdomain.com have 20 record DNS. DNS record from every domain is different.

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