Integrate Windows Driver, Hotfix, Patches into Windows ISO \ Installing Windows Server 2003 on SATA/RAID drive

Sometimes if you are an Computer Administrator such in an office, its kind boring when you need to install or reinstall your computer network when your Windows ISO CD’s is a way to old.

Windows bring much updates every month, you need to wait it downloading updates one by one until the newest one completed. There is such an easy way to doing this with Nlite software.

Nlite is a free software that can integrate a Driver, Patches, or other updates into Windows ISO. You can download it here.

This is an example that makes nlite is very useful Installing Windows Server 2003 on a SATA/RAID drives
Windows did not automagically detect its SATA/RAID devices, we need to install it first by pressing F6, but notice: we should install it from a floppy disk! This is very outdated thing! Some server even didn’t have floppy drive on it!

Don’t worry I’ll show you how to use Nlite to integrate your SATA Driver into windows ISO

1. Copy whole windows ISO content into temporary folder


2. Open Nlite then choose you Windows temp folder.


3. In this case we need to integrate Driver into Windows, so choose Integrate Driver and Create bootable ISO (you can choose many/other combination as needed)



4. Choose your driver folder and file



5. Choose which kind Windows is it


6. Press next until the Creating ISO process

7. Done.

Since you have a new Windows ISO, now you are no longer need to press F6 when installing your Windows Server 2003 into SATA Drives :D just install it as usually windows will detect your SATA driver automatically. You can now modifying your windows component or integrated your patches and updates as much as you like.

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