How To Configure Windows Firewall Win2K3

What is Windows Firewall?

Windows Firewall is a personal firewall, included with Microsoft's Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista operating systems.

We assume you already have Windows 2003 / Win2k3 running.
Login as Administrator / Admin privileges using RDP

Click "Start" >> "Control Panel" >> "Windows Firewall"

You will see a Windows Firewall Box/Screen like below :



You need to make sure your windows firewall status is Off before we open/close a windows server port. This will prevent us to lock from our Windows Servers

Click "Advanced Tabular"
You will see a Network Connection Settings, in this example we have 2 NIC in one server.
LAN = local area network / Internal
WAN = Wide area network / External

We need to modify any setting related to External Network, so we just need to choose WAN and click Settings... button like picture below :

You will see an Advanced Settings like below:
You can just simple give a check in any services that you like to enabled.

Example : FTP Server, Remote Desktop etc.

We highly suggest you to check the Remote Desktop first because when we enabled the windows firewall other port that we don't choose before will automatically blocked by windows firewall.

Add New Services

Example we want to enable POP3S TCP 995,
We just need to click " Add" button in "Advanced Settings" like picture below

You will see New "Services Setting" like below
You can just input your new services info :

Descriptions of service : POP3S
Name Or Ip address : (change it into your server ip/name)
External Port : 995
Internal Port : 995
and Click in radio button : TCP

Click OK To continue and you will see your new services POP3S already in Services list,
If you want to enable your services you can just give a check in the checkbox POP3S and if you want to disable the services you can just simple give uncheck in the POP3S checkbox.


Click on ICMP tabular like picture below and give a checked in the checkbox "Allow incoming echo request"

Click OK,
Final step is to Enable Windows Firewall

Click on "General" tabular and Click radio button "On"
And Click "OK" button

Your Firewall will automatically blocked unwanted port.

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